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Rent Estate has always properties in the west brabant area of the Netherlands, see link below for our current houses and appartments.

Chantal Nooren - Nieuwlaat

About Us

Rent Estate is the most modern rental-agent in the West-Brabant area.

A few decades of experience, an up-to-date knowledge and relationships within the regional market in this specific sector, shall ensure your property not only rent but also familiar  rent!

Rental of property requires a specialty that not everyone is given.
Matching landlords and tenants is always tailor-made, in which we offer you our skills and competences.

From the very first contact we stand by you, not just with words but with deeds!

With the right mediator, Rent Estate, vacancy will proceed to rental!

made to measure

The current offer does not match your profile? Your specific housing requirements can be transformed into a made-to-measure offer!

Can’t find the property you are looking for ? We will perform an extensive search on the market and in our database to find you the perfect property.

We will offer you a summary from our extensive network of regional databases and landlords. And of course we here use the specific criteria you specified. Our market knowledge, negotiating skills and personal commitment will guide you primarily in finding the most suitable object.

We assist you with the administrative handling of the lease but also in the inspection and technical support during the course of the aftercare, registering on name in the energy contracts, internet etc. you will be guided completely.
Our agency fee is equal to the commencement rent price excluding the V.A.T.


If you choose to rent out your house you want this to happen only in a professional orderly manner and that reliable tenants will come into your home.

Rent Estate will make this happen for you.

We work closely with international companies seeking housing for their employees. You can make an appointment for an informal meeting in which we explain our approach and give you advice for your home under the best conditions for rent.

We offer an optimal online exposure for your property through our own website and other much visited leading websites * busy for rental housing.

Rent Estate mediates only in rentals for tenants who provide insight into their personal background and are financially capable of paying the monthly rental fee requirements. This is checked by us prior to the first view, by asking for a working contract with recent pay slip and a copy of a valid ID.

If in doubt about the background references will be checked.

If the house is rented by a legal  person, a recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce is required. The rental agreement may only be signed by the authorized signatory of the extract. The financial capacity will be verified.

Rent Estate is responsible for a professional meeting between landlord and tenant confirmed by a lease (based on July 30, 2003 by the Council of Real Estate Matters set model). If desired, a translation (English / Dutch) of the contract can be drawn up.

If the rental agreement is created, the customer/ principal will pay Rent Estate the fee for its work performed under the contract for rental and management.

This fee is equal to the amount of the monthly rent agreed in the lease excluding VAT. This amount is after signing the lease to be transferred into the bank account specified in the agreement of Rent Estate.

* the search for rental housing with provision for any housing in the Netherlands


If required, we provide financial and technical management. For this we require a fee of  6% of the monthly rent (excluding VAT) The management of your property you can outsource to Rent Estate, for example if you are abroad, management of your property  is the  ideal solution.
With good financial and technical management  is an excellent returns  on your property. Matters such as technical failures, poor maintenance,  vacancy, and defaults are minimized.

We maintain personal contact with our tenants. Rent Estate acts of tenant and landlord at any time as fixed point. We handle comments and complaints carefully and try them in collaboration with the landlord in a quick and good way to deal with.


• Rent collection
• Active control rental revenue
• Sending reminders if nessecary
• Active approach defaulters
• Overview of all rental income and expenses for each tenant
• Also reported details of the object
• Filing with rental agreement and tenant records, correspondence with        tenants, costs etc.


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